Pastry container
GN containers
Salad bowls
Fridge and microwave containers
Bins for scrap storage
Universal drawers
Bowls, buckets and basins
Baskets, hangers, funnels
Dry food containers


New products
In January 2013 Restola added new products to its assortment. Production of polysterol trays and universal drawers have commenced. The trays are available in red, blue, burgundy, beige green brown and clear colors.
Participation in PIR 2012 Exhibition
In September 2012, Restola took part in the XV international "PIR Hospitality Industry" exhibition.
Restola - a partner of "PIR-Group"
Restola is a partner of the organizer of the PIR Industry of Hospitality exhibition. We hope that this cooperation with be both mutually beneficial and interesting for both sides.