Pastry container
GN containers
Salad bowls
Fridge and microwave containers
Bins for scrap storage
Universal drawers
Bowls, buckets and basins
Baskets, hangers, funnels
Dry food containers


New address and contact details
Please be advised, that since 8th December 2014, Restolas office is located at a new address: 109544, Moscow, Bulvar Entusiastov 2, Golden Gate Business Center, 12th floor. The new phone number is +7 (495) 258-9326
Containers for dry products
Restola has widened its assortment by adding containers for dry products made from polysterol.
Trays for carriages
On the 15th of July 2014 Restola is widening the line of trays, adding carriage fitting trays to the old assortment.