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1/2 GN containers, 65mm in depth released!

Restola offers the anticipated novelty 1/2 GN container, with a 65mm depth, in transparent and black colors.

These novelties are similarly produced under modern technologies from high quality polypropelene just like other Restola products, and have the same advantages:

  • Satisfy the European EN 631-1 standard;
  • Do not contain Bisphenol A, and are used to freeze foods to -40 C, heat food up in a microwave up to 100 C and to wash in a dishwashing machine up to 95 C;
  • Smooth internal surfaces prevent the food from sticking, which reduces loss of food and simplifies the washing process in any dishwashing machine.

As with all other products, these are always present at the warehouse.

The other novelty, 1/1 food containers, 65mm deep will go on sale on the 31st of March. Information will be placed on our website.

Download Presentation "1/2 GN container with a 65 mm depth"