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Participation in PIR 2012 Exhibition

In September 2012, Restola took part in the XV international "PIR Hospitality Industry" exhibition


The exhibition brought together over 40'000 professionals from all over the world to share experience, participate in the events and learn about the achievements of the industry. Among guests you could find managers and owners of restaurants, producers and distributors of professional kitchenware, inventory and other equipment.


As one of the kitchen inventory suppliers in the Russian Federation, Restola took part in this event as a partner of the "PIR-Grour". The companies' stand demonstrated both old plastic articles and new trays and food tanks from black colored polypropylene.

In the four exhibiting days, Restola's managers consulted and held talks with representatives and owners of distributing companies, restaurants, hotels, canteens and bars.


We thank all the guests who visited our stand and hope that the exhibition was just as successful as it was for us.