• RESTOLA only uses food friendly Polypropylene in production according to European standards.
  • Polypropylene is BPA free.
  • Restola products are BPA free.
  • Products are tested according to the sanitary and hygienic norms of the Customs Union.
  • In production, only those materials that are allowed to contact food are used.

BPA has been used for 50 years as a hardener in plastics production. It is one of the key components in polycarbonate plastic production.

A whole variety of products are produced from Polycarbonate plastic, such as water bottles, food containers, sports gear, medical equipment, dental stoppings and lenses for glasses.

In 2010 the FDA (Food and Drug Administration USA) officially confirmed BPA harmful to human health.

BPA has a negative effect on the brain and reproductive system. It is the reason for several oncological illness, diabetes, obesity and heart disease. It is transmitted from plastic to the food in high temperatures or if the contact is long-term. It is dangerous in smallest quantities.

On the 23rd of September 2011 the Customs Union Committee drafted the 797 Technical guideline 007/2011 About product safety which forbids the use of polycarbonate in production of food-contacting and children's tableware products.

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