N RU -RU.02..08357 21Cutting board
RU -RU.46..01214/19Salad bowls, bowls, containers, including with screw caps
RU -RU.01..13507 22 Trays for dishes and foods
-2297-001-48524439-2012 Temperature settings use GN containers
TC RU -RU.AE61.B.06349GN containers
TC RU -RU.AE61.B.06348Lids for GN containers
RU -RU.46..01207 19Salad bowls, bowls, containers, buckets, basins, bins
RU -RU.01..13348 22Salad bowls with wavy edges
RU -RU.03.B.91757Pastry container
RU -RU.46.B.09371/19GN polycarbonate container
RU -RU.46.B.08712/19 Covers to GN polycarbonate container
RU -RU.02..01314 21Household products made of polypropylene
RU -N.01..68137/21 Gastro capacities 1/3, 1/4 and 1/6 made of polycarbonate and covers for them.
Rejection letterRefusal letter for thermal containers and trolleys to them.