Thermal containers for delivering cold and hot foods.

The restaurant industry also deals in delivering cooked meals to their clients. Thermal containers are a must for the delivered food to satisfy the sanitation and hygiene norms and so that the food does not lose its prime qualities.

Restola offers thermal containers for transportation of food to catering establishments. These containers may be used to transport both hot and cold foods in temperatures ranging from -20 to +90 C. You can buy these thermal containers in Moscow and all Russian regions with delivery.

The polypropylene which is used to produce these containers satisfies the European food standards, maintains the necessary temperature for many hours and is extremely sturdy. Containers have specially designed corners and switches which allow stacking together during storage or transport of food. Foldable handles, which are very useful when carrying the containers, do not stray overboard in a stacked position.

Each thermal container for food and beverages has a modular construction and interchangeable parts. Construction and deconstruction is accomplished without the use of any instruments.

The containers are easy to wash in a washing machine with the help of alkaline washing materials, as SanPin norms specify.

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