We present a company novelty of 2016 – salad bowls with wavy edges. These are compact containers for ready meals display, allowing you to represent a wide range in a limited space. Wavy edges of salad bowls create a feeling of home cooking and atmosphere of home kitchen. Salad bowls are presented in 4 colors: black, red, white and transparent. Stylish lids complement the range and allow the dishes to keep fresh and appetizing appearance.

Salad bowls and lids are made from a material stirolakrilonitril (SAN), suitable for contact with food. At temperatures up to 75 degrees the items retain their appearance and color, are not deformed and do not crack.
Salad bowls and lids are easily cleaned from dirtiness with any dishwasher. Washing is carried out in accordance with the sanitary rules for catering and instructions on the use of cleaning agents.
Salad bowls are stored in a vertical position. They are easily stackable, which saves operating or storing place during storage or transport.

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