Restola GN containers

You can use them for preparing, storing and transporting both semi-ready foods and prepared meals.

Light and convenient containers from polypropylene are safe in heat up to 99°C and freezing down to -40°C. They are always demanded on a professional kitchen for efficient operation.

GN containers — sizes and volume

Restola containers satisfy the European GN-Gastronorm EN-631-1 standard, have the necessary marking and standard sizes from GN 1/1 to GN 1/9. All of this allows to use them in combination with any standard equipment for kitchens, from refrigerators and freezing chambers to shop windows. You can verify the correctness of sizes with the help of the size chart.

The perfectly smooth internal surface prevents food parts from sticking to it. The ability to wash the containers in washing machines in temperatures up to 95°C is executed in accordance with the washing material instructions

When choosing the containers, it is important to note that the sizes are not limited by the width and length indicated in the standards. The height of the containers can vary from 65 to 200mm, therefore changing the container volume.

Color codes and markings

You may purchase Restola products in three color schemes – transparent (colorless plastic), white and black. For marking convenience, each container has a colored clip, each color signifying the following:

These clips will allow to quickly understand what's inside, in particular, if the containers are black.

For greater convenience it is possible to combine the containers with lids, allows to keep the microwave clean, or a drain to get rid of the liquids. The necessary types of lids may be purchased separately.

We offer various types of containers from high quality polypropylene for restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels and other establishments equipped with a professional kitchen. Restola products are on par with foreign products, however the prices of our production are a lot more lucrative. This means that Restola products are an efficient investment to develop your business. For your convenience, each one of our products is portrayed with a photo, and our experienced consultants will help you make a decision.

You can purchase the containers in Moscow or have them delivered to any region in Russia.

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