Another novelty we are happy to introduce is our professional plastic cutting board for restaurants, cafeterias, bars and other catering services or sale points.

The material we use for our cutting boards is polyethylene.

Our professional cutting boards are certified. They are made in 6 colors: white, yellow, red, green, blue and brown.

The standard shape of a ready to use cutting board is rectangular with rounded edges and corners, packaged into stretch wrap.

The advantages of Restola cutting boards are:

-          High durability to damages.

-          They are easy to maintain and may be washed with any cleaning substance in various dishwashing machines.

-          They do not release any hazardous substances or smells.

-          They do not absorb moisture which is contained in foods.

-          They do not require special treatment.


According to the HACCP norms our cutting boards are color-coded. The white cutting boards are intended to be used with dairy and baked products; yellow is for raw poultry; red is for raw meat; green for vegetables and fruits; blue for raw fish and seafood; brown for meat that has already been cooked.

According to SanPin standards a professional kitchen must have 12 marked cutting boards; the marking is located on the side surface.

The washing process consists of 3 steps as follows. First, the cutting boards are washed in a designated washing department on the kitchen. The water temperature should not be lower than +45 degrees Celsius and washing substances should be added. After that the boards are sprayed with hot water which is not colder than +65 degrees Celsius. Finally, after each wash the boards are dried and stored vertically.


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