Plastic bins for waste on a professional kitchen.

Restola's plastic bins are designated for collecting, sorting and storing food waste, while satisfying all the sanitary and hygienic requirements. Different bin sizes may be used in the kitchen depending on the scale of the production. This is why we offer three different bin volumes - 25, 45 and 65 liters. The compactness of these bins allows users to place them in washrooms or freezer chambers, saving space in the process.

Please note that the bins are equipped with a sturdy lid and a red clip handle. This does not only prevent smell distribution, but also allows the bins to be transported efficiently. The shape of the bins allows them to be stacked if not in use. The feet provide these bins with stability, a clean base and ventilation in humid conditions.

The polypropylene we use, guarantees several important properties:

Our products were rated highly at the International "PIR-2012" Exhibition. Restola is offering waste bins in Moscow and all Russian regions with delivery.

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