Pastry container
GN containers
Salad bowls
Fridge and microwave containers
Bins for scrap storage
Universal drawers
Bowls, buckets and basins
Baskets, hangers, funnels
Dry food containers


Plastic kitchenware - a practical decision
An important component of a cafeteria or restaurant is the kitchen and dining equipment, which needs to be functional and dependable. Using plastic kitchenware increases efficiency of the establishment. Produced from ecologically clean materials (polypropylene), kitchenware need to satisfy the modern quality criteria (EN 631-1).
Trays: an irreplaceable attribute of the dining hall
Quality kitchenware and trays are distinct products which allow restaurants, cafes and canteens to serve they're foods.
GN containers: a new outlook on simple things
It is hard to imagine a modern, professional kitchen without GN containers, which are used to store, cook and transport food products.