1/2 GN containers in white color, with a 65 mm in depth
On the 22nd of December, Restola began producing 1/2 GN containers in white color, with a 65 mm depth.
New address and contact details
Please be advised, that since 8th December 2014, Restolas office is located at a new address: 109544, Moscow, Bulvar Entusiastov 2, Golden Gate Business Center, 12th floor. The new...

Essential plastic kitchenware for the restaurant industry from the leading producer.

In the restaurant industry, professionals prefer plastic kitchenware from polypropylene for cooking, mixing, storing food and disposing of the garbage.

The producer of plastic kitchenware - Restola, offers an extensive line of tray, refrigerator and microwave friendly containers, trash bins, universal drawers, buckets, basins, bowls, manufactured with the use of latest technologies from a premium quality food friendly polypropylene.

Restola's plastic kitchenware for restaraunts has its own distinct advantages:

  • the food containers satisfy the European EN 631-1 standard requirements
  • our plastic kitchenware contains may be utilized in temperatures ranging from -40 C to +100 C. It may also be washed in a washing machine at a temperature up to +95 C.
  • smooth interior surface of the containers prevents the foods from sticking, which makes the washing process very simple.
  • the catalogue of Restola's plastic kitchenware has been though out constructively. The catalogue contains over 150 different articles of products.